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VHRVideo to Hardcopy Recorder
VHRVisual Flight Rules
VHRVery High Resolution
VHRVentricular Heart Rate (cardiology)
VHRVentral Hernia Repair
VHRVehicle History Report (information resource)
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Prince Harry or just plain Captain Wales as he is known in the British Army, including, top right, playing a game of Uckers in the VHR (very high readiness) tent with fellow pilots
Similarly, at isothermal pyrolysis of the HF-washed GOS, volatile hydrocarbon recovery (VHR) increased nearly by 10 wt% as compared with VHR from unwashed oil shale [14, 15].
For gold wire bonds with diameters less than 25 [micro]m, the VHR module's illumination enhances geometric features.
Comes with universal, high-resolution VHR camera module; camera and transport reportedly can be adapted to varying production demands.
I AM looking for instruction manuals for a Sanyo video recorder, No VHR 120E, and a Goodman's video recorder, No SD 1600?
The VHR aids in the selection of safer solvents, executives said.
Land Cover Mapping Using Aerial and VHR Satellite Images for Distributed Hydrological Modelling of Peri-Urban Catchments; Application to the Yzeron Catchment (Lyon, France).