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VHRVery High Resolution
VHRVehicle History Report (information resource)
VHRVentral Hernia Repair
VHRVisual Flight Rules
VHRVentricular Heart Rate (cardiology)
VHRVideo to Hardcopy Recorder
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Thus, in recent years, very-high resolution (VHR) (52) radar and optical data from U.S.
In the last years, both very high resolution (VHR) urban remote sensed images and aerial images show very fine details of features such as buildings, roads, cars and vegetation.
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They point to the need to build strong emotional connections with the customer by approaching visceral design, consumer hedonics and product rhetoric (VHR) issues.
The introduction of synthetic mesh has drastically reduced the rate of recurrence in open VHR, but their implementation has presented new set of complications like surgical site infection, bowel adhesions and enterocutaneous fistula.
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Echo's exclusive Visual Health Record (VHR) is the first of its kind EHR.
Sin embargo, la energia de activacion hopping [W.sub.hop] calculada a partir de la teoria de percolacion es notoriamente mucho mayor a la obtenida por medio del modelo difusional; este hecho implica que el valor de [W.sub.hop], a partir del modelo difusional, ratifica la suposicion inicial de que el ancho de banda, alrededor de [E.sub.Fermi], la cual es responsable de la conduccion para el mecanismo de VHR, es muy angosto para bajas temperaturas.