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VHRVery High Resolution
VHRVehicle History Report (information resource)
VHRVentral Hernia Repair
VHRVisual Flight Rules
VHRVentricular Heart Rate (cardiology)
VHRVideo to Hardcopy Recorder
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61) Initially, the UN entity that activated the Charter instructed Charter members not to use acquired VHR data for fear of stirring up diplomatic tensions.
Bruzzone (2010), "Earthquake Damage Assessment of Buildings Using VHR Optical and SAR Imagery," Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions, 48, 2403-2420.
Figure 2 summarizes the main steps of the proposed shadow detection and removal method applied to improve buildings stereo matching process of urban VHR Pairs IKONOS 2 images.
Top Earning Lots - Bevan Cellars/Chateau Boswell Winery (joint lot); Reynolds Family Winery; Shafer Vineyards; Keenan Winery; Kapcsandy Family Winery; Rombauer Vineyards; Duckhorn Vineyards; Silver Oak Cellars; Derenoncourt California; Saintsbury; Hourglass; VHR, Vine Hill Ranch; and ZD Wines.
The relaxed setting of the Uckers board outside the airmen's VHR (very high readiness) tent belies both the fierce competitive edge to the game and the ever-present threat of a call to scramble to the Apaches.
Expression of other low molecular weight dual-specificity phosphatases such as Mkp-6, VHR, and JKAP also did not show circadian rhythms (Fig.
Exploring forest structural complexity by multi-scale segmentation of VHR imagery, Remote Sensing of Environment 112(6): 2839-2849.
Providing greater ease of use, visual alerting and complete case management, the Echo VHR assists organizations in adopting an enterprise-wide electronic health record.
Similarly, at isothermal pyrolysis of the HF-washed GOS, volatile hydrocarbon recovery (VHR) increased nearly by 10 wt% as compared with VHR from unwashed oil shale [14, 15].
The two images from VHR data used in this research were from Quickbird-2 (dated 15 July 2004): a panchromatic image with spatial resolution of 0.
For gold wire bonds with diameters less than 25 [micro]m, the VHR module's illumination enhances geometric features.
The 700 XHR is a big game version of the 700 VHR, with 24- and 26-inch triangular barrels in nine chamberings, from .