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VHS-CVideo Home System Compact
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Jim Hirschberg, account manager of the retail tracking service NPD Group Inc., said that VHS-C enjoyed the strongest growth over the past year and in an April-May study the format accounted for 37.6 percent of camcorder unit sales, with 8mm earning a 42.9 percent unit share.
Thomson Consumer Electronics' RCA and GE brands are continuing its strategy "to be all things to all people" and is offering more 8mm models along with VHS-C and VHS.
At JVC, William Sims, general manager, consumer video division, said sales of its VHS-C camcorders have more than doubled over last year.
have regularly extended their lines to include such branded accessories as storage cases and VHS-C adapters.
VHS-C and 8mm tapes are helping drive dollar volume and delivering retail profits.
At the same time the demand for blank VHS-C and 8mm video will increase."
Research indicates that VHS-C and 8mm are pretty much even in terms of market share as VHS-C has made significant strides in recent months."
In 1991 high-grade, full-size tape accounted for 15% of unit sales, 8mm for about 8%, and VHS-C 4%.