VHSBVirtual Home Space Builder
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Virtual Home Space Builder will give PeopleSpace customers the opportunity to expand their online universe by creating their own virtual worlds with VHSB and enalbing anyone to view them using a standard VRML 2.
0 authoring package is coming to the Macintosh platform -- VHSB 2.
ParaGraph's technological firepower shows in its products such as VHSB and ISB," said Willy Chiu, Multimedia Technology Director, IBM Software Solutions Division.
0 viewers in their respective browsers, we believe that the advent of powerful, easy-to-use authoring products like VHSB 2.
Early users of VHSB have created a number of exciting 3D Spaces on the Web.
Both students and teachers can enjoy using VHSB in a classroom environment to generate 3D multimedia reports, lessons, presentations, and even group projects.
I find VHSB to be a versatile and flexible tool that is not only entertaining, but has many uses in an educational setting," said Steve Harrell, Computer Lab Instructor, La Joya Middle School.
Using VHSB users can create 3D multimedia event albums for weddings, graduations or birthdays or create a virtual family tree.
To maximize the product's usefulness, VHSB can also be used as a multimedia presentation software package for sales, training or in-house presentations.
Incorporating a simple, icon-oriented user interface with point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools, VHSB can be learned in only a few minutes and mastered in a few hours to create stunning interactive presentations and worlds.
To further enhance the appearance and creation of virtual environments and presentations, ParaGraph bundles hundreds of world templates, textures, movies and sound files with VHSB.
VHSB, Commercial Edition, includes an extended set of textures,