VHSIVery High Speed Internet
VHSIVery High-Speed Interface
VHSIVery High Scale Integration (computer science)
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In the second category are developed economies Chicago Board Options Exchange S &P 200 implied volatility index (VIX), Japan implied volatility index (VXJ) and Hong Kong implied volatility index (VHSI), European zone developed stock markets' Germany implied volatility index (VDAX) and Euronext implied volatility index of 12 European economies (VSTOXX).
LIST OF SELECTED VARIABLES AND ITS UNDERLYING SERIES REGION IMPLIED VOLATILITY INDEX India Indian Implied volatility index (IVIX) USA Implied volatility index (VIX) Japan Japan implied volatility index (VXJ) Germany German implied volatility index (VDAX) Euronext Euronext VSTOXX Hong Kong Hong Kong VHSI REGION UNDERLYING SERIES India Nifty 50 USA S&P 100 Japan Nikkei 225 Germany Germany DAX 30 by Deutsche Borse Euronext Dow Jones Euro STOXX 50 options by STOXX 50 Ltd Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Source: Output file generated from the data by using STATA14 TABLE 2.