VHSLVirginia High School League
VHSLVirtual Health Sciences Library (World Health Organization)
VHSLVeterans and Human Services Levy (tax; Seattle, WA)
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For this phase, individuals who enrolled in the VHSL online coaching education program during the three month period of this investigation were invited to participate in this study.
The plaintiffs asserted that the VHSL's scheduling practices treated boys' sports differently than girls' sports, while at the same time forced some girls to stop playing sports that they previously were able to play while no boys were forced to stop playing sports because of schedule changes.
A survey presented by the VHSL indicated that the plaintiffs did not adequately represent the interests of all members of their class and that plaintiffs' claims were not typical of their class.
The narrower class would consist of all present and future student-athletes enrolled in Virginia public schools who were forced to choose between or among sports because of the VHSL's discriminatory scheduling practices.
Along with the coaching education requirement, the VHSL has established a coaching certification program as an incentive to public school athletic program coaches as they meet the requirements of coaching education.
The first and most basic level of VHSL coaching certification is called the "registered athletic coach" level.
High School Athletic Director Job Competencies Essential Very Average Minimal Important Importance Importance (5) (4) (3) (2) Sound Judgment 181 58 15 3 Knowledge of VHSL 190 54 17 7 Rules, Policies, etc.
The system uses the company's VHSL (very high speed sheet-of-light laser) scanning sensors to digitize the tire sidewall topography.
The VHSL sensor combines a detector and laser light source so as to reduce problems due to lighting angle or distance.