VHTRVery-High-Temperature Reactor
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Ping Xiao, a Professor of materials science at the University of Manchester in the UK, is working with a team of doctoral and post-doctoral students to create new and improved ceramic fuel coatings, made from silicon carbide and pyro-carbon, to increase the efficiency of fuel particles destined for Very High Temperature Reactors (VHTRs).
development of VHTR technology, including fuel testing, graphite
Improved economics is one of the advantages of both the SCWR and VHTR systems.
As with the HTSE, VHTR is the primary energy source of choice due to the high temperatures required for the decomposition of sulfuric acid.
Air ingress process in the VHTR is known to follow two sequential phases.
focusing on a helium-cooled Very High Temperature Gas Reactor (VHTR) and
Accurate C[O.sub.2] properties near critical point and turbomachinery performance map were incorporated into the original GAMMA+ which was previously a transient analysis code for Very High-Temperature Reactor (VHTR) system developed by KAERI.
The flow distribution happens to be very difficult at the core of the VHTR reactor when a leakage flow moves via the horizontal gap.
studied the tritium concentration numerically in the hydrogen product stream of Japan's future very high temperature gas-cooled reactor (VHTR) system coupled with a thermochemical water-splitting iodine-sulfur (IS) process [6].
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