VHTRVery-High-Temperature Reactor
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Although VHTRs are generally only design concepts still undergoing research, they are recognised as an important path forward in the nuclear sector: the US and China are seriously considering this reactor as an option, according to Xiao, making his research crucial to ensuring VHTRs can work safely and efficiently.
experiments, and development of VHTR simulation software.
Improved economics is one of the advantages of both the SCWR and VHTR systems.
As with the HTSE, VHTR is the primary energy source of choice due to the high temperatures required for the decomposition of sulfuric acid.
STP-NU-010, Regulatory Safety Issues in the Structural Design Criteria of ASME Section III Subsection NH for Very High Temperatures for VHTR & Gen IV.
The VHTR technology being developed by DOE uses helium as a coolant and