VHUVacation Homes Unlimited
VHUVéhicule Hors d'Usage (French: End-of-Life Vehicle)
VHUVery High Undergraduate (university enrollment description)
VHUVery Hard Unresistable
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If g = vhu [member of] [[OMEGA].sup.[sigma]] then g * [o.sup.[sigma]] = v * [o.sup.[sigma]] (since [o.sup.[sigma]] is fixed under [B.sup.[sigma]] = H[U.sup.[sigma]]), and v * [o.sup.[sigma]] = [o.sup.-[sigma]] because [XI] = {[o.sup.-[sigma]]} [??] [U.sup.-[sigma]] * [o.sup.[sigma]] by (2.3.1).
Then g [member of] [[phi].sup.-1] ([[OMEGA]'.sup.[sigma]]) = [[OMEGA].sup.[sigma]], so g = vhu [member of] [U.sup.-[sigma]] H[U.sup.[sigma], and it remains to show that v = 1.
VHU is an award-winning professional resource that provides data on more than 70 dietary supplements, including such information as the most recent scientific studies, suggested dosages and benefits.
VHU also offers users the opportunity to take online continuing education exams, which are accredited by the University of Georgia, and new continuing education programs are introduced regularly.
Earlier this year Pharmavite added a drug/ nutrient interaction and depletion database to VHU, providing current data on the relationship between drugs and more than 70 vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements.
In addition to the new items, Pharmavite has added several key enhancements to Vitamin Herb University (VHU), Jones says.
Vitamin & Herb University (VHU), which was recently launched by Pharmavite LLC, Northridge, CA, is an exhaustive educational resource for pharmacists that is designed to enable them to quickly and accurately answer consumer questions about dietary supplements.
The sponsor intends to add a collection of museum nature managed by the mo - vhu on the vehicle that participated in the arrest of civilian and military personnel in the process of preparation in the early 1950s.
Request for quotations : Purchase fixtures for the assembly hall 1 uchebnoho case VHU behalf P.M.Masherova
Contract notice: Translation errormapa- ac with purchase orders for the treatment of end-of-life vehicles (vhu) present in the territory of the city of fort-de-france
: the subject of this public contract is the execution of activities according to the project documentation "rehabilitation and reclamation of the northwest slopes of the csa quarry", The project was elaborated by vhu, As, Budovatelu 2830, 434 37 most, December 2008.
Part 2 Supplies for syringe MEDRAD CT Vistron VHU 800