VHVVery High Voltage (electronics)
VHVVillage Health Volunteers
VHVVeterans Helping Veterans (Marion County, Florida)
VHVVereinigte Hannoversche Versicherungen (German insurance)
VHVVersion History Viewer (Oracle software)
VHVVlaamse Herboristen Vereniging (Dutch: Flemish Herbalist Society)
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We keep those who are too sick or old to work on the VHV committee so that they can still earn some money,' she said of the 600 baht a month stipend.
The number of VMWs and VHVs has dramatically increased in the seventeen of Cambodia's twenty-four provinces where malaria is still present, even if many of these volunteers exist only on paper.
"If we get sick during pregnancy and call the VHV, then she will suggest we go to the health centre or district hospital, because she cannot provide a health check-up." (Age unknown, one child, Makong)
Marine Academy (Best Infrastructure amongst Marine Institutions), ITShastra (Software Services), Sohum Spa (Day Spa), Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (Best Fashion Design Institute), Platinum Hospital (Best Multi Super Specialty Hospital), Saifee Hospital (Best Hospital for General Surgery), Mehta International Eye Institute (Eye Hospital), The Personality School (Personality Development), Star's Cosmetics (Makeup Products), Y Options Media (Online Advertising), FIRDY'S Salon (Beauty Salon), vHv D'sgn's (Interior Design), Webz Solutions (Web Design Services), Divine Beauty (Software Solutions for Wellness Industry).
Interestingly, Copala Trique also exhibits interrupted vowels of the form VhV (Silverman 1997:236), not found in Chuxnaban Mixe.
Under a contract signed in 2002, ABB has deployed two key technologies--high voltage direct current (HVDC) light and the very high voltage (VHV) motor--as well as other solutions to help power the two compressor units on the platform without any local power generation.
The village health volunteers (VHV) and traditional healers have replaced the community health nurses.
Pereira WE, Lima SF, Paula, LB, Alvarez vHv (2000) Crescimento e composicao mineral de mudas de maracujazeiro em funcao de doses de osmocote em dois tipos de substratos.
25 July 2012 - Austria-based VHV Vermogensverwaltungs AG, part of German insurance group VHV Holding AG, is set to acquire a 40% stake in Turkish sector player Nart Sigorta ve Reasurans Brokerligi AS, Reuters said Wednesday citing a statement from the latter.