VHWVillage Health Worker
VHWVillage of Hawthorn Woods (Hawthorn Woods, IL)
VHWVolunteer Health Worker (various organizations)
VHWVerband hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter (Hanoverian horse breed society in Germany)
VHWVeteran Horse Welfare (UK)
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We concluded that the VHW CRP programme is functional and suitable in the South African context.
BACPR requirements fulfilled in the VHW CR programme BACPR core Fulfilled Method used by VHW programme component Health Yes Angina v.
Other responsibilities included provision of behaviour change communication material during home-visits; assessment of newborns for basic signs of morbidity; data collection; supervision of, and providing support to, VHWs; and quality assurance for VHW activities.
Randomization of the smaller VHW areas was initially considered because it would have been more statistically efficient than randomization of CHW areas.
These rays are elongated, translucent and dull on the VHW.
On the VHW the dark brown line is more elongated and lower medial area turns abruptly in a rounded angle to culminate in the anal margin.
VHW sepia from basal area to submedial area and color raw umber in the remainder of wing; discal line from Sc+[R.
The discal, postdiscal, submarginal and marginal lines, and submarginal ocelli in VFW and VHW ofF.
Functional analyses show that increased posterior VHW melanin can increase body temperature during heat-avoidance and during lateral basking (Kingsolver 1987).
In particular, the current studies show the phenotypic correlation of hb with pv (posterior VHW melanin) to be 0.
VHW also runs a teaching kitchen, where they bring mothers to learn to prepare healthy meals for their families.
The strong polyphenic responses of melanin in these wing regions, particularly in the posterior VHW and basal DHW, are consistent with the hypothesis that polyphenism is adaptive for thermoregulation in seasonally varying thermal environments in this species (Kingsolver 1987, 1995; Kingsolver and Wiernasz 1991a).