VHWVillage Health Worker
VHWVillage of Hawthorn Woods (Hawthorn Woods, IL)
VHWVolunteer Health Worker (various organizations)
VHWVerband hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter (Hanoverian horse breed society in Germany)
VHWVeteran Horse Welfare (UK)
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A trained VHW learned that diarrhea and vomiting developed in 2 persons who had attended a wedding party meal on September 25, 2016, at [approximately equal to] 13:00 hrs.
A total of 82%-88% of VHW, CHS, and district respondents reported that EBS is very important in detecting public health events and helps to detect public health events earlier than before (Table 5).
VHW serves patients from the Southern Suburbs drainage area of Cape Town.
The CR programme at VHW is facilitated by the occupational therapy department, with involvement of members of the departments of medicine, physiotherapy and dietetics.
These rays are elongated, translucent and dull on the VHW.
On the VHW the dark brown line is more elongated and lower medial area turns abruptly in a rounded angle to culminate in the anal margin.
data); in this posture, increased melanin in the posterior regions of the ventral hindwing (VHW) increases body temperature (Watt 1968; Kingsolver 1987).
Laboratory experiments in which full-sib families were split and raised under long or short photoperiods showed that melanin on the VHW (trait pv), the basal DHW (hb), and the marginal DFW (fm2) exhibited the strongest polyphenic changes (Kingsolver and Wiernasz 1991b).
VHW supports Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the villages of the program who accompany pregnant women through their pregnancy, birth, and the early childhood of the children.
The factor loadings showed that the discriminant function was strongly correlated with melanin on the posterior ventral hindwings (VHW) (trait pv) and on the basal dorsal hindwings (DHW) (trait hb) for both sexes in all three studies, and with forewing length (fwl) in most cases (table 1).