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VHXVideo Highway Xtreme (game)
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One of the biggest things we've been rolling out this year is our branded apps on every device," says Casey Pugh, co-founder and head of product at VHX.
With the addition of VHX, Vimeo now offers a streaming ecosystem for individual creators, niche programmers and major media partners to offer subscription video on demand channels.
Ad-supported content is an excellent way of reaching the biggest possible audience, but it's a poor, inefficient way to actually make a living," explains VHX co-founder and CEO Jamie Wilkinson, whose company made its API public in February 2016, so anyone can build his or her own Netflix-subscription model.
VHX s innovative Platform-as-a-Service enables artists and distributors to market and sell their work on their own websites directly to fans.
Investments in the past year have included: Ranker, VHX, StyleSeat and Inventure.
Because the VHX is an integrated digital system, the resolution and color clarity of the camera is integral to the performance of the system.
The song Warreeyaz is also placed on the Tropical Party CD being released in February (2015) and two videos (Warreeyaz and Doe Rae Mi) are being worked, serviced and are now available at all popular video outlets (VEVO, YouTube, WhoTune, Pure Volume, VHX, Amazing tunes, Amazon, Grammy 365, StereoKiller and NoiseTrade).
When Ansari decided to offer his "Dangerously Delicious" special direct to fans, he partnered with a service called VHX that specializes in a "full-stack, end-to-end" solution.
The VHX also offers a depth-of-field at least 20x greater than conventional microscopes.
The double'r automatic lens/zoom recognition system permits VHX to recognize in real time which lens is mounted to the camera, and also the current magnification being viewed.