VI1Ventilatory Index Number 1
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Original instrument Synthesis Back-translation VI1 translation into brazilian Portuguese 1.
Based on the correlation between ground measured spectral characteristics and photosynthetic pigments, [R.sub.g], [R.sub.r], [SD.sub.g], RVI, NDVI, EVI, RDVI, VI1, VI2, and VI3 characteristic parameters with the correlation level of 0.01 and ground photosynthetic pigments are used to establish single factor equations and select the appropriate spectral characteristic parameters.
I recently spent time with the latest from Daniel Defense, the DDM4 VI1 SLW and DDM4 V7.1 was impressed enough that I'm now buying one of them.
There are in fact a number of different versions of the VI1, with the only difference being the finish.
in EUROPEAN ENERGY LAW REPORT VI1 184-86 (Martha Roggenkamp & Ulf Hammer eds., 2010).
“We've worked on a variety of projects with them over time and recently provided them with a K-array system distributed by Sennheiser and Soundcraft Vi1 console for their home venue, The Boston Opera House.”
As Table 2 shows, they were especially likely to agree with statements that stressed the value of competition, such as "competition is the law of nature (VI1)" and "without competition it is not possible to have a good society (VI3)." In other words, Chinese actually were a bit more competitive than Americans, which might be related to the recent commercialization of Chinese economy.
British lender Lloyds Banking Group Plc (LON:LLOY) said it had struck a deal to dispose of a portfolio of private equity investments to a fund of Coller International Partners VI1 for a cash price of some GBP1.03bn (USD1.6bn/EUR1.3bn).
The IVSI-110 (G[right arrow]A), del 1.39 Kb and -86 (C[right arrow]G) mutations were associated to haplotype l, the IVSI-5 (G[right arrow]A) and IVSI1-745 (C[right arrow]G) mutations to haplotype VI1, IVSI-1 (G[right arrow]A) to haplotype V, IVSII-1 (G[right arrow]A) to haplotype III and the IVSI-6 (T[right arrow]C) mutation to haplotype VI.
We had Meyer Sound Labs (Galileo and Cue Command), Yamaha Pro Audio (M7CL-48ES), and Soundcraft (Vi1) populating our Digital Mixer Station.