VI1Ventilatory Index Number 1
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The standard VI1 sports a 16-inch barrel made of chrome moly vanadium steel.
For those of you who will notice the difference, check out the DDM4 VI1 LW (light weight), which is identical to this rifle but for a lightweight profile barrel.
We will also strengthen our two-tiered growth strategy VI1 strategy, 'making strong businesses stronger', and AD2 strategy, 'reinforcing solutions businesses centered on strong businesses'.
Population Number of Population Group Agencies Covered I 67 48,659,940 II 158 23,185,911 III 396 26,960,514 IV 764 26,372,077 V 1,834 28,848,683 VI1 8,359 25,702,285 VIII (Rural County) (2) 3,420 33,324,047 IX (Suburban County) (2) 1,790 59,637,543 Total 16,788 272,691,000 (1) Includes universities and colleges to which no population is attributed.