VIAATVesicular Inhibitory Amino Acid Transporter
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The present study did not detect any VIAAT-immunopositive nerve fibers and terminals innervating the acini and ducts, although GABA-ergic nerve terminals have been clearly demonstrated in the central nervous system of mice by immunohistochemistry using the same antibody against VIAAT as this employed in the present study (Miyazaki et al., 2003).
The chronological localization pattern of CREB-immunoreactivity in rats is similar to that of VIAAT in the present mouse gland.
Considering the importance of GABA-ergic regulation of microvascular tones in some organs (Hinds et al., 2013; Roberts & Krause, 1982), it is thus necessary to examine first the authenticity of VIAAT in the smooth muscle cells by in situ hybridization histochemistry.