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VIABLEVertical Installation Automation Baseline
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These accounts will turn viable as the direct benefit transfer ( DBT) comes in, as more and more of these programmes, which the poor will be able to afford, are launched, and we see actually see activation in the accounts, Bhattacharya added.
was found to be in the same pattern for both biomass as increasing Cd concentration, however viable biomass reduced [Cd.
A spokesman for Allied Bakeries, on behalf of Kingsmill, said it's no longer commercially viable to supply products to which he could still get his deliveries.
This is the first report of protein content of secretory products adjacent to non viable and viable ovine conceptuses.
This more demanding, dual career track must be carefully managed to ensure officers remain competitive and viable in both their primary career field and IAS career paths.
This means that over the near term, electronic data vaulting may prove to be more economically viable for small and mid-sized companies," says Dianne McAdam, Senior Analyst and Partner at Data Mobility Group.
A website is a viable tool that will broaden CIDC's reach as well as attract economic investment and year-round tourism to Coney Island and its surrounding neighborhoods.
We found that instead of rising by 66% every 2 [days], [beta]-HCG levels in viable pregnancies can rise by a little as 50% every 2 days.
WorldCom apparently has effective political consensus and cooperation on a viable path forward.
Application: Mimosa could become a viable substitute for hardwood in the manufacture of writing and printing papers.
Postoperatively, the preserved oral tongue remained well perfused and viable, and tongue mobility was good.
Further, because the transaction created viable businesses, the commissioner could not disregard the structure just because it was partially tax motivated.