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VIABLEVertical Installation Automation Baseline
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That we have enough shared memories and experiences from which we can construct and upon which we can build a viable nation,' He said.
It seems we are the only viable operators but we have done this for 32 years and wish to retire."
Blaming the rise in online travel agents and en emphasis on price rather than quality, the statement goes on to say that the business is no longer viable.
The report highlights a host of new market and business drivers that are compelling operators to take a fresh look at fixed wireless access as a commercially viable option in urban, suburban, and rural markets.
Since plaintiff Ward waived on appeal the only viable theory for pursuing relief from these defendants, we cannot revive it for him.
As you can see, it's sometimes like walking through a minefield in connection with marriages, especially if they were viable at the inception but then fell apart.
There is available credit provided by the Agri-Agra law but there are few viable loan proposals.
According to the company, the new instrument fully automates the pour plate method for performing total viable bacterial counts on liquid samples.
"Surely the best way to check whether a session is viable is simply to monitor how many people attend.
"In effect, borrowers who would previously have been deemed viable will now be considered non-viable, and the CLDC will step in and pay part of their instalment to the banks.
STATEBank of India ( SBI) chairperson chief Arundhathi Bhattacharya has said that the government needs to think about ways and means to compensate public sector banks ( PSBs) for opening accounts under like the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana ( PMJDY) until they become commercially viable.
Asked if he believes running with Binay is viable, Marcos said: "Of course it is viable...