VIACVermont Institute for Artisan Cheese
VIACVietnam International Arbitration Centre
VIACVisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge
VIACVascular Invasion-Associated Change
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The VIAC is receptive to the aid of the court and must rely on courts outside of its jurisdiction to enforce its demands; and
VIAC vehicles will be equipped with specially-designed smartphones that monitor CO2 levels, providing a live stream of data to the web via twitter, @greenhaviour, throughout the journey.
Under Marc's leadership, the company grew to more than 300 employees, went public in 2005 on NASDAQ under the ticker VIAC, and was ultimately acquired in 2007 by PerkinElmer (NYSE: PKI).
Adams, who has testified in AAA, LCIA, ICDR, ICC, UNCITRAL, and VIAC arbitration forums, and also served as an arbitrator since 1986, emphasized that parties often fail to give significant weight to the fact that decision makers on the arbitration panel are typically professionals who are knowledgeable about the issues in dispute.
Pall and VIAC Obtain US FDA Approval for Cord Blood Collection
Our review of the stock performance for Cryo-Cell, VIAC [ViaCell] and CBAI [Cord Blood America] since April 2005 (when FDA introduced new regulatory standards) indicates comparable performance.
Performance of Biotech IPOs in 2005: Company Amount Share % Issue Price Raised Price Change Ticker ($US) (US$M) 09/30/05 since IPO ($US) ViaCell VIAC 7.