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VIASVienna Institute for Archaeological Science (Austria)
VIASVictorian Institute of Animal Science
VIASVienna International Airport Security Services, GmbH (Flughafen Wien; Austria)
VIASVisualization Information Archival/Retrieval Service (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
VIASVideo Image Analyzing System
VIASVietnam Institute for America Studies
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If the via has less cross-sectional area than the conductor, then multiple vias can be used to maintain the same cross-sectional area as the conductor.
Small vias on HASL finished boards (leaded or lead-free) often look closed, but will melt through in the reflow oven.
The other reason is attributed to silkscreen; tenting the vias will permit more room for any required silk.
Vias are actually very nonuniform, and in some cases, depending on the application, require use of a 3D field-solver to be properly characterized and simulated.
There are no universally good approximations to estimate the electrical properties of single-ended or differential vias.
8 mm, aligning the vias cannot be done because there isn't enough room between the ball pads for via patterns; in fact most of the time, there is only room to put the vias in the pads.