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VIASVienna Institute for Archaeological Science (Austria)
VIASVictorian Institute of Animal Science
VIASVienna International Airport Security Services, GmbH (Flughafen Wien; Austria)
VIASVisualization Information Archival/Retrieval Service (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
VIASVideo Image Analyzing System
VIASVietnam Institute for America Studies
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While not always an important measure of system performance, the TDR response of a via is a sensitive metric to compare how transparent two different vias are.
It's good to keep paste off the vias. Even inverted though, I'm not sure how the stencil would have worked.
The differential signal will not see the return via; it will just see the two vias that make up the differential pair.
Ideally, it is preferred to have solder mask imaged and developed with rings around the vias, rather than filling the vias.
In a paper delivered at the EMC SI 2015 Symposium, the relationship between a pair of traces carrying a differential signal and two vias carrying a different differential signal was explored.
In many cases the power and ground planes under a BGA component have voids, as a result of through-hole vias. These voids have negative effects on power integrity, such as:
Microvias, as indicated by their name, are very small vias, usually less than 0.006" or 150 [micro]m in diameter.
As a general rule, increasing the number of vias that need to be backdrilled and decreasing the maximum allowable residual stub length will significantly increase the manufacturing costs of the PCB/backplane.
This article presented an equivalent circuit for the characterization of a printed circuit board via as well as the results of time domain reflectometry measurements taken on a test printed circuit board containing vias whose geometries were swept.
The images here show some pretty small vias. I believe they're 0.3mm in diameter.
When stacked vias or via-in-pad design are required there are a number of manufacturing options that can be used to fill the vias.