VIATValue Innovation Action Tank
VIATVisual Impairment Awareness Training (Oxfordshire Association for the Blind; Oxfordshire, UK)
VIATVivekananda Institute of Algal Technology (Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith College; India)
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Chronique de Sar Luk, village Mnong Gar atribu proto-indochinois des Hauts-Plateaux du Viat Nam).
The House of Pride (sc., The City of Man), is located in canto 4 of Book 1, for instance, because the number 4 is emblematic of the physical world and of the human body through its associations with the four elements, the four humours, the four winds, and the four seasons.(7) The ~squared brick' of which the House of Pride is constructed is specified in stanza 4, while the sundial(8) which tops the edifice, representing the human face, leads to recurrent allusions which suggest that the House of Pride is the human body, into which Red Crosse Knight enters via the mouth and which he quits viat the anus (1.5.52-3).(9)
In light of the Disability Discrimination Act, there has been increased uptake of Henshaws' specialist Visual Impairment Awareness Training (VIAT), as organisations strive to understand more about the issues which impact blind and visually impaired customers or colleagues in the workplace.