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VIBEVirtual Bass Enhancement
VIBEVoltage Induced Burn-in Emulation
VIBEVisualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment
VIBEVisual Information Browsing Environment (software)
VIBEVirtual Institute of Bioinformatics in Eire
VIBEVisual Integrated Bioinformatics Environment
VIBEVoltage Induced Burn in Emulation (computer technology)
VIBEVirgin Islands Board of Education (US Virgin Islands)
VIBEVented Innovative Bass Enclosure (audio equipment)
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In the two years they've been on air, good vibes stories from the audience is never wanting.
Vela posted extracts from an article on BusinessCloud noting the Vibe Group deal, which stated that Candy Ventures had "invested a significant seven-figure sum" in Vibe Group.
Emerging from the dust is the Vibes, a new entrant that will compete with the likes of the Grand Junction Rockies, farm team to its Coors Field counterpart, in a 76-game "short-season" schedule.
Source: Pro Global Insurance Solutions and Vibe UK Holdings
We have tried to blend technology, brand and storytelling seamlessly in The Good Vibes and I hope our viewers enjoy it.
Key features and benefits of the Coriant Vibe X90 Programmable Packet Platform include:
VIBE is part of the The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group.
VIBE can capture any feed -- regardless of format or aspect ratio -- and incorporate it into a news package.
However, Motorola's implementation of Android seems far removed from what the Lenovo Vibe K5 and Xiaomi Redmi 3s offer.
Our avid customer base had been anxiously awaiting the launch of the VIBE P1m and we are proud to state, that the time has finally come!"
The vibes I feel have been coming mainly from humans, and I believe they have to do with a sense of taking some control of things that have, you might say, been spinning out of control since last September, when Lehman Brothers led the cascade of bank failures and everything followed by the word 'market' began falling apart.