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VIBRAMVitale Bramani (developer of shoe sole)
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These soles may not last as long as the Vibram soles on the Ruffwear boots, but if you aren't trekking through the Rockies every weekend, your dog may not need require this level of durability.
The reasoning behind following the flexible protocol, as recommended by Vibram, was to simulate the most realistic situation possible, allowing the participants the flexibility that typical runners would experience as they transition from traditional to minimalist running shoes.
According to Vibram Disc Golf Sales and Marketing Manager Steve Dodge, a Birdie Bash is an informal, laid-back tournament.
I started with Nike Frees and have evolved to primarily using the even less cushioned Vibram FiveFinger Bikila shoes.
"Vibram USA," makers of the "FiveFingers" ( runnings shoes settled a class action lawsuit over claims that the company made a false advertisement about the shoe's health benefits.
Disc golf: The Eugene Disc Golf Club will hold the Vibram Birdie Bash at Westmoreland Park on May 18.
Mostly, though, I love the regular features of Muck Boots: a soft top that doesn't chafe your skin; aggressive Vibram soles; and stretchy, flexible insulation that keeps your feet warm without making you feel like you're wearing buckets on your feet.
In the world of running there is currently a huge movement towards 'barefoot' running --and the usual marketing hype around products such as Vibram Five Fingers 'shoes' Arguments abound on Facebook and other group sites, and I must admit that I have gone into less conventional, more minimalist running shoes myself--but mainly because they are comfortable.
The Bikila is the first model in the Vibram Fivefingers collection, characterised by the five finger footglove design.
Tony Post, former boss of rubber-sole and barefoot-running firm, Vibram, is trading in five fingers for two toes this time.
The footbeds are sheepskin for its unique insulating qualities and the soles for urban settings are flexible Vibram, embedded with Aboriginal symbols of turtles, prairie grasses, and tipis.