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VIBRAMVitale Bramani (developer of shoe sole)
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The $30 entrance fee is a value, giving participants two rounds of golf on normally premium courses, two Vibram discs, and a T-shirt.
If customers would like to receive a refund for more than two pairs, Vibram would require a valid claim form, or a proof of purchase.
Gore-Tex, fatigue-reducing midsoles, Vibram Tsavo soles and an emphasis on breathability make this one an all-around winner.
The muted caramel leather and faded fatigue canvas contrast nicely with the thick black Vibram soles, and will undoubtedly make you feel equally comfortable climbing a mountain or signing receipts with your Mont Blanc.
com are the official UK distributors of Vibram Fivefingers, the funky shoes for everyday life, sports, fitness and health - and we have a pair to give away.
Boating World forum member wildbluejuander swears by his Vibram FiveFingers at the ramp.
Shown here are the new Vibram StreamTread soles from Simms.
As part of its on going efforts to provide the latest and the best range of products, Chelston Direct has added Kigo Shoes and Vibram Five Fingers to its products range.
Puffing a cigar and standing in a pair of gray Vibram FiveFinger shoes that simulate walking barefoot, Thomas Jane didn't have much time to talk at the June 23 preem of his HBO show, "Hung," on the Paramount lot.
The toe socks in question were the Vibram FiveFingers, and after 30 miles of hiking, alternately, in the FiveFingers and my boots, I managed to all but destroy my feet.
French team, Vibram Sport 2000 u tipped as the ones to knock out two-time winners, Qasr Al Sarab off the winner's podium u ended day four on 37h54m38s, just fifteen minutes off second place and half an hour off first.
The tennis shoes I was wearing were sitting next to a pair of steel-toed boots with Vibram soles made to protect against slipping.