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VIBRAMVitale Bramani (developer of shoe sole)
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Hankook Tire has now utilized Vibram s hyper-functional design for its latest concept tires, while simultaneously enabling Vibram to integrate cutting-edge tire technologies into its footwear offerings.
The $30 entrance fee is a value, giving participants two rounds of golf on normally premium courses, two Vibram discs, and a T-shirt.
For the second part of the settlement, Vibram won't be allowed to make any further beneficial health claims with the FiveFingers running shoe, unless proven and backed-up by scientific studies.
That was the epiphany moment--my feet were extraordinarily uncomfortable in my runners after having spent just 2 1/2 miles walking in the Vibrams.
The tennis shoes I was wearing were sitting next to a pair of steel-toed boots with Vibram soles made to protect against slipping.
Vibram outsoles and a contoured footbed reduce slipping on a variety of surfaces, and a beefy scuff-guard wrapping around the entire base adds to durability.
The lining is a waterproof, breathable membrane and its Vibram Little Horn outsole has lugs that hug the terrain step after comfortable step.
For Los Angeles shoe store owner John Goli, that means fashioning his 600cc 1971 Honda 1971 into a giant Vasque hiking boot, replete with laces, eyelets and a Vibram sole that hides each tire.
Lowa trekking boots incorporate a range of impressive features, not least the Vibram "8000" sole, which is stiff enough to take crampons.
Though bike tires are narrower than Vibram soles, the rider's weight is distributed over the contact area of both tires, and the bike generally weighs about 872 pounds less than a horse.
Boots, Lineman, Highliner Style, Black Semi Lace To Toe With Steel Toe, #100 Vibram Sole, Astm Approved
The new range of Vibram Fivefingers - possibly the only shoe on the market to allow your foot to mold around rocks - has also evo lved to better meet the demands of the end-user, as has always been the case.