VICAVocational Industrial Clubs of America
VICAValley Industry and Commerce Association (California)
VICAVaccine Injury Compensation Act (aka National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986)
VICAVideo Conferencing Alliance (UK)
VICAVocational Industrial Chapters of America
VICAVision Counsel of America
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Clair, the university's vice president of marketing, who is also a member of VICA.
VICA floundered through several false starts with two different public relations agencies until it became apparent the association needed a new agency, a strategic goal for its campaign, and a professional staff.
VICA is often considered a bellwether of how ballot initiatives will fare with San Fernando Valley voters.
He led VICA to oppose such city initiatives as the phone tax and garbage fees.
VICA Executive Director Steve Denby says the mentoring program is effective because the students form a bond, making it easy for the younger students to see the benefits enjoyed by a student just their senior.
Satuloff has been a VICA board member since 1988 and for 17 years has served as the treasurer, what Huffman calls a "thankless task.
VICA gives technical educators the chance to help talented students succeed.
Cathy Maguire, chairman of the VICA board of directors, anticipates that the new committee's participation will be embraced by those involved in charter implementation.
VICA is concerned with the way Measure S has been presented as a tax reduction when it is really a new tax," said VICA Chairman Bob Scott.
Students competing this week from all over the country are tomorrow's skilled workforce," said Timothy Lawrence, director, business and industry partnerships, National VICA.
Greig Smith has established himself as a very efficient pro-business voice on the City Council," VICA President Brendan Huffman said.
Alcoa was one of a number of leading firms which supported the 30th annual VICA Skills USA Championship, which was held June 25-28 in Kansas City, Mo.