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VICOVirtual Intelligent Co-Driver
VICOVancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (est. 2000; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
VICOVoter Initiative for Colorado (Boulder, CO)
VICOViolation of Court Order
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Foregoing any psychological interpretation, Vico limits himself to a genetic explanation.
While Vico has been recognized for many things, it is above all his approach to history that has garnered the most attention.
In treating this difficult text, Luft claims that Vico has a "Neoplatonic conception of God," by which she seems to mean a demiurge that works at matter outside himself, shaping it to conform to an idea.
While Verene is most interested in Vico, with Bruno and Nicholas Cusanus also receiving considerable attention, his most valuable analysis might be his most general.
Brennan, first, indicates where Vico stole the march on Hegel, and second, analyzes Hegel's Philosophy of Right as a proto-anticolonial text.
As a "proto-phenomenological thinker," Vico opens a way of thinking similar to Heidegger's Lichtung or clearing.
Vico, who used to be a chief of staff in a council in Quezon City and is working under the political democracy and reform program in Ateneo, thinks that no city is perfect in terms of participatory mechanism in governance, which he wish to improve if elected.
In fact, it is the three exceptions that Vico offers to his overall thesis that are most revealing about the ambiguities at play.
Many of Bull's arguments rest upon the assumption that Vico was familiar with specific works of art by, among others, Caravaggio, Luca Giordano, and Francesco Solimena, the latter of whom painted Vico's portrait when the philosopher was in his early sixties (Fig.
The fourth chapter examines how local political struggles in Naples played a crucial role in driving Vico away from practical social theorizing toward the more speculative, broad philosophical work for which he is best known and most admired, namely his Scienza nuova, which is where Naddeo's story ends and where most others begin (her analysis stops at the 1725 edition).
According to Buela, Vico had also testified that he did not see a truck passing by the area around the time of the shooting.
Marshall's book is already widely known by Vico scholars across the world, and, if the references to it on the internet are anything to go by, its reputation is growing.