VICUValley Industrial Credit Union (Waynesboro, VA)
VICUVision International College and University (Ramona, CA)
VICUVascular Intermediate Care Unit
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was bigger expected "The finds suggest the vicus was probably a civilian Richard Carlton bigger than we expected and was probably a thriving civilian settlement, supplying the fort garrison," said Richard.
Una pieza semejante, de 18,5 cm de longitud y 4 cm de anchura, localizada en Eschenz, el antiguo vicus de Tasgetium, fue interpretada como asidero (Hedinger y Leuzinger, 2003: no.
erano venerati a Saint-Genes, ma dellepitaffio gia non cera piu traccia e i frammenti ritrovati erano stati reimpiegati in una costruzione agricola a nord del vicus christianorum (cf.
Historians had believed the fort, which had a vicus or urban settlement built around it, was the only Roman building in the immediate area.
This Joycean "commodius vicus of recirculation" forms the plot's engine.
com)-- Every effort has been put into the venue at the Vicus Building on Liverpool Rd, Manchester and the finish is superb.
Como ha mostrado Pryscila Archibald, tal historicidad va en direccion contraria a las practicas de la antropologia aplicada, que tuvo en la hacienda de Vicus su laboratorio, como parte del Proyecto Peru-Cornell (10) (5).
Veturius Campestris, once the city's ambassador to Hadrian and three times to Antoninus Pius, by a vicus COPDVE, which some expand to C(lassis) O(rae) P(onticae) D(?
A passerby on that gray morning in March 1897, crossing, at his own risk and peril, Place Maubert, or the Maub, as it was known in criminal circles (formerly a center of university life in the Middle Ages, when students flocked there from the Faculty of Arts in Vicus Stramineus, or Rue du Fouarre, and later a place of execution for apostles of free thought such as Atienne Dolet), would have found himself in one of the few spots in Paris spared from Baron Haussmann's devastations, amid a tangle of malodorous alleys, sliced in two by the course of the Bievre, which still emerged here, flowing out from the bowels of the metropolis, where it had long been confined, before emptying feverish, gasping, and verminous into the nearby Seine.
Vicus D, Beiner ME, Klachook S, Le LW, Laframboise S, Mackay H.
Wallack is looking at spaces in Third Avenue office towers, his broker, Bertram Rosenblatt, a principal with brokerage firm Vicus Partners, said.