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Women in the Peruvian Andes may clean vicu?a wool by hand to increase the price it fetches per kilogram by $50, whereas selling a wool-scarf could yield them $150-200; a Malaysian python skin sells for $200, while a python-skin bag could sell for $2,000.
The new village of Manchester was eventually established around a kilometre north east in the Cathe-dral area and the vicus became known as Aldport or 'the Old Town'.
of obviously some Previous archaeological investigation has shown that the civilian settlement at Benwell stretched south toward the Tyne; the excavations at Pendower Hall have now confirmed that the vicus also extended to the west.
After the fort was demilitarised, a small population of Romano/British civilians continued to occupy the vicus and service the nearby Chester to York Roman road and its steady stream of travellers until it fell into disuse towards the end of the Roman occupation of Britain.
For the last seven years, two-month digs have taken place at Binchester, near Bishop Auckland, to reveal evidence of life at the 10-acre fort and its vicus, or civilian neighbour.
Keywords: Micropolar fluids, MHD stagnation point flow, Stretching sheet, Vicus dissipation, Prandtl number, Radiation parameter
Platos similares se han puesto al descubierto en el vicus de Tasgetium (Eschenz, Suiza), lo que nos indica una confluencia de criterios en la fabricacion de estas piezas y muy posiblemente la posibilidad de establecer tipologias de las formas de la vajilla de madera, estudio que aun no se ha llevado a cabo debido a los escasos ejemplares documentados hasta el momento (7).
I venture to say your own pathway into literature and into your favourite author evokes the incipit of the Wake, notably the vicus there: to me, almost the node word in a concordance line, between riverrun and recirculation, the unending flow, the unending quest.
Bouchard-Fortier G, Geerts WH, Covens A, Vicus D, Kupets R, Gien LT.
Vicus Therapeutics, an immuno-oncology company focused on bringing breakthrough immunotherapies to patients with solid-tumour cancers, has reported on two separate studies demonstrating a safety and survival benefit for VT-122, the company's lead compound, when combined with standard-of-care therapy in patients with advanced liver and pancreatic cancers, it was reported yesterday.