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VIDVide (Latin: See)
VIDVendor Id (USB PnP ID)
VIDVLAN Identifier (IEEE 802.1q)
VIDVehicle Identification Number
VIDVienna Institute of Demography
VIDVisual InterDev (Microsoft development environment)
VIDVisual Identification
VIDVerkeers Informatie Dienst (Netherlands)
VIDVirtual Image Display
VIDVoltage Identifier (computing)
VIDVendor Item Drawing
VIDValsts Ienemumu Dienests (Latvian: State Income Service)
VIDVariable Identifier
VIDVoltage Identification Digital
VIDVMF Integrated Database
VIDVertical Indication Display
VIDvisual identification information display (US DoD)
VIDVirtual Interface Design
VIDVertical Impact Device
VIDVisual and Instructional Design (Medical College of Georgia)
VIDVisual Impact Damage
VIDVehicle Improvement and Development
VIDVaginal Insertion Device
VIDVehicle Inspection Data (various states)
VIDVery Important Day
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Most, if not ALL popstars welcome deals w/products 2 offset costs of big budget vids in these recessional music industry times.
A vid that comes out of that school of storytelling really has to be watched multiple times to be understood, as opposed to a MediaWest vid, which has to be gotten in one shot and then it's over.
Other protections include thermal shutdown, under-voltage lockout and VID power good.
Dahd Vid, however, is a patient man, and so he continued to wait, drinking his coffee slow through a straw, squinting and staring down at his feet, above all, ignoring the statue nearby his bench which had been dedicated to unknown poets.
Between Pee-wee and the ``Peach,'' it's an awfully odd week for kid vid.
VID is the holding company for all of the company's key industrial operations.
After much anticipation, Assaf's hit single "Aywa Hanghanni" (Yes, We're Going to Sing) got its own music vid, reported Bitajarod.
NEW YORK, March 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Vid Taylor's upcoming art exhibit in New York City is a sign of the Times.
But surpassing all expectations, the Roar vid depicts our heroine as the queen of the jungle, where she uses her prowess to paint an elephant's toenail and clean a crocodile's teeth.
She has received numerous Finnish and Swedish awards for her novels, including the Runeberg Award for her first novel, Underbara kvinnor vid vatten (1994), and Sweden's prestigious August Prize for Den amerikanska flickan (2004).
Well, if the vid is part of the in-flight entertainment, at least John'll have a captive audience.
DANCING around the living room of his Midland home, Vid Stratton can hardly stop talking.