VIDACVisual Information Display & Control
VIDACVisual Information Display And Control
VIDACVirtual Data Acquisition & Control
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She appeared Off Broadway in "The Villa of Madame Vidac" in 1959.
Ari Hovi and its 90%-owned subsidiary Vidac Oy are to continue operations as independent subsidiaries in the Proha group.
Other novel agents for topical field therapy in phase II studies are KX2-391 ointment, a dual Src kinase/tubulin polymerization inhibitor that causes apoptosis of hyperproliferating cells, under development by Athenex, and Vidac Pharma's VDA-1102 ointment, which selectively triggers apoptosis in neoplastic cells by modulating voltage-dependent anion channel 1 / hexokinase enzyme 2, with minimal impact upon surrounding normal cells.