VIDDVertical Interval Data Detector (US NASA)
VIDDVirginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities (now Partnership for People with Disabilities; Virginia Commonwealth University)
VIDDVentilator-Induced Diaphragmatic Dysfunction (intensive care)
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[1,11] To the best of our knowledge, there are no studies using US to monitor VIDD in the paediatric population.
For Buntinx (in ES: 261) and other commentators (e.g., Amigo in ES: 222), the Siluetazo was not the artistic representation of the demand "aparicion con vidd" which is often translated as "bring them [the disappeared] back alive," but rather its very fulfillment.
O acesso a saude, a educa-cao, a moradia, ao transporte e as liberdades civis e politicas sao, entre outros aspectos, a ex-pansao das capacidades humanas e oportuni-dades que conduzem a qualidade de vidd.