VIDNVirtually Internationalized Domain Names
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Eight stations: CHOT, LITO, PRAH, SECZ, SLUK, STAM, TEME, and VIDN (Table 1) were built in 2006.
At present, the BISK, LITO, and VACO stations are equipped with the Ashtech Z-18 receivers; the BEZD, CHOT, KYNS, LUBY, POUS, PRAG, SECZ, SLUK, SNE2, STAM, TEME, UPIC and the VIDN stations equipped with Topcon GB-1000 receivers; and the MARJ and TREB stations equipped with the Topcon NET-G3 (Table 1).
The GEONAS network consists at present of the five EPN stations operated by the IRSM--BISK, MARJ, POUS, SNEC and VACO--and twelve more non-EPN permanent GPS observatories--BEZD, CHOT, KYNS, LITO, LUBY, PRAG, SECZ, SLUK, STAM, TEME, UPIC and VIDN (Fig.