VIECVessel Internal Electrostatic Coalescer (oil-water separation)
VIECVirgin Islands Environmental Council (British Virgin Islands)
VIECVancouver Island Energy Corporation (Canada)
VIECVisitor Industry Education Council (Tamuning, Guam)
VIECVictoria International Exchange Center (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
VIECValve Instrument Equipment and Connector
VIECVacancy Ion-Exclusion Chromatography (chemistry)
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This leading oil company is not the only one interested in VIEC. Sulzer is currently involved in many ongoing discussions with different end users in Kuwait to deliver this, and other cutting-edge solutions for other mass transfer applications, notes Ramann.
and is available at: Tong Bi thu Nguyin Phu Trong lam viec tai Vinh
These core members of the Society constitute the main force performing its 'public services' (viec cong).
VIEC will be utilized at the Gina Krog, Mariner, and Ivar sen oil fields in the North Sea.
(24.) Em nhan thay rang viec ket hop van hoa va ngon ngu dan toc
VIEC, which stands for Vessel Internal Electrostatic Coalescer, is a technology for efficiently separating oil and water, thus improving the quality of crude oil.
(222.) Thuc te Viec Ap dung Luat Canh tranh o Vietnam [Practice of
The VIEC is an annual conference hosted by Visibility Corporation to provide knowledge and resources for its clients to achieve the highest return on investment from their VISIBILITY ERP systems.
Gop phan vao viec thong ke nhung loai thuc vat co ich thuoc ho ca phe (Rubiaceae Juss) o Vietnam (Contribution to the enumeration of useful species of the family Rubiaceae juss in Vietnam).
A neighbour saw illegal immigrants Hung Van Le, Hung Viec Le and Tran Van-Houang unloading boxes from a Transit van at about 2.25am on August 15 last year.
Mot viec lam thiet thu'c cho nhu'ng hoan canh thai bat thu'o'ng [The importance of counselling for women who are pregnant with a fetus that is not normal].
In an industry dominated by men, Lee held the positions of chairman of the Visitor Industry Education Council (VIEC) and president of Island Holidays Ltd.