VIECVessel Internal Electrostatic Coalescer (oil-water separation)
VIECVirgin Islands Environmental Council (British Virgin Islands)
VIECVancouver Island Energy Corporation (Canada)
VIECVisitor Industry Education Council (Tamuning, Guam)
VIECVictoria International Exchange Center (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
VIECVacancy Ion-Exclusion Chromatography (chemistry)
VIECValve Instrument Equipment and Connector
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The WEnrtsilEn VIEC breaks the emulsion without excessive use of chemicals or heat, thus increasing production, lowering costs, and promoting environmental sustainability.
The 11th annual VIEC is the premiere industrial conference focused on environmental stewardship, innovative technology, industry best practices as well as legislative and regulatory issues in environment, safety and health.
VIEC, which stands for Vessel Internal Electrostatic Coalescer, is a technology for efficiently separating oil and water, thus improving the quality of crude oil.
The VIEC is vital to providing our customers with the personal experience that we take pride in.