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VIFVariance Inflation Factor
VIFVirtual Interface
VIFVisiting International Faculty
VIFVirtual Interrupt Flag
VIFVertical Integration Facility (rocket launching)
VIFVålerengens Idrettsforening (Oslo, Norway)
VIFVanier Institute of the Family (Institut Vanier de la Famille - Canada)
VIFVariable Investment Fund
VIFVery Important Friend
VIFVenture Investment Fund Limited (New Zealand)
VIFVerify In Field
VIFVehicle Integration Facility
VIFVery Important Freak
VIFVoice Information Field (audio coding)
VIFValue of Inforce Business
VIFVoenno-Istoritcheskij Forum (Russian: Military Historic Forum)
VIFVersicherung, Immobilien, Finanzierung (German: Insurance, Real Estate, Financing)
VIFVery Integration Friendly
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Fumigant emission flux from bare plots was two times higher than from water seals and HDPE and nearly 15 times higher than from VIF within 48 hours after treatment.
The HIV-1 NL43 vif sequence (Accession number M19921) was analyzed for the presence of potential hammerhead cleavage sites (15).
She received her award at the annual VIF awards celebration held in Greensboro, North Carolina.
She added: "I would certainly recommend the VIF Program to other Scottish teachers and, although it's hard work, the experience is one that I will never regret.
Researchers have looked at VIF to see whether it could allow growers to use lower levels of fumigants that are more environmentally friendly than methyl bromide.
HIV is able to infect humans only because it has a gene, Vif (viral infectivity factor) that blocks APOBEC3G.
Scientists have identified a human gene whose protein can naturally thwart the replication of HIV within cells--however, most copies of the virus have a molecule of their own, called Vif, that undermines that defense.
Normally, HIV overcomes CEM15 by producing a protein called Vif that suppresses its activity.
An example of VIF film is a product from Belgium's Hyplast that is believed to be the only seven-layer, high-barrier mulch film in the world.
The technical advances achieved by RPC Containers Corby, working in conjunction with their customer Vif Argent to create a sterilisable thermoformed 250m1 polypropylene tub, means RPC are now able to offer an alternative to the tin can for convenience eating.
The VIF runs a cultural exchange which is based on a belief "that every school should have an international teacher," according to its Internet web site.
That is, the very high VIF suggests that the estimates are unreliable, while the extremely large negative correlation between the estimates is an indication of a potentially high tradeoff between the estimates.