VIFAValley International Foosball Association (Bay City, MI)
VIFAVictoria Free-Net Association
VIFAVancouver Island Film Association (British Columbia, Canada)
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dagger])([section]) MERS-S1 OC43-S1 SARS-S1 1 2,555 3,868 2,606 2 2,770 18,896 2,776 3 3,950 65,535 2,751 4 65,535 3,921 1,726 5 65,535 7,247 2,306 6 65,535 5,069 2,098 7 65,535 7,179 2,198 8 65,535 55,826 2,412 9 65,535 65,535 2,087 10 65,535 22,695 2,303 11 65,535 28,391 2,858 Serum vIFA titer ([dagger]) no.
Bulgular: Calismaya alinan hastalarin yas ortalamalari VIFA grubunda 38,2 [+ or -] 13,2 yil ve VT grubunda 48,2 [+ or -] 14,4 yil idi.
As can be seen from Figure 7.2, imports are traced to specific agents in the domestic economy, resulting in distinct import payments to ROW from private households (VIPA), government households (VIGA), and firms (VIFA).
The VIFA pantyhose will be sold for between 500 yen and 700 yen in seven different colors.
Halfte 2010 wird die Datenbank zur Serie A/II im Rahmen der Virtuellen Fachbibliothek Musikwissenschaft (ViFa Musik) kostenlos angeboten.
Nautical speak for "Loud and Clear", this speaker is a modest size floor stander, with an 88db sensitivity, sporting two Vifa 5-inch Kevlar drivers and a Scanspeak silk tweeter that is bound to make this speaker live up to the moniker.
The basic Auditorium II ($3,600--not heard) uses Vifa paper cone woofers and a Vifa tweeter.
While not quite the equal of the much more expensive Seas Excel T25 tweeter in the LCR-50, the LCR-35 nicely matched the Waveform Mach 17's Vifa D27 silk dome, providing very smooth pans from side to side, spot on imaging, and a convincing front wall of sound.
From there on up the input is handled by a one-inch Vifa XT25 ring-radiator tweeter, which Polk tells me is identical to one that is used in a $17,500 Krell system.
The tweeter in this system is a Vifa "ring radiator" that supposedly is superior to most others.
The tweeter is a 1" heavily modified VIFA. Buggtussel removes its back cover allowing it to "act as a dipole" within an isolated, heavily damped, 1-liter enclosure.