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AudienceView is providing VIFF with a comprehensive, efficient solution that encompasses ticketing at the box office, via a mobile-optimized web environment, and through social media with AVTiki.
AudienceView's sales and attendance reporting, email marketing, regional ticketing capabilities for outside groups renting VIFF facilities, and the ability to integrate with third-party tools such as the online film guide and festival web site will provide significant additional benefits.
The VIFF award that means the most outside of Canada is the Dragons and Tigers Award for Young Cinema, awarded to the director of a first or second feature from Pacific Asia.
Like past festivals, the 19th VIFF ("shorter but undiminished in scope," as it shrunk from 17 days to a more manageable 14) stayed as far away from Hollywood as possible, a long-time policy that sets it apart from, for example, the Toronto festival.