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When looking at trends in abortion concerns and the different regions, 12.9% of clients from IHA and 9.7% of clients from VIHA were concerned about abortion, while only 6.8% of callers and emailers from VCHA contacted the service with the same concern.
"We have this misconception that dinosaurs were all tall, giant creatures," explains Viha. "But actually there were dinosaurs that were short, slim and harmless.
In a hospital system, such as for the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA), the capacity to record patient data efficiently during the processes of ADT is crucial for timely patient care and the enhanced patient-care deliverables.
Iconomou, G., Viha, A., Kalonofos, H.P., & Kardamakis, D.
According to Rudi van den Broek, BSc, MPA, chief project officer for the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA), the design was prompted by the same demographic trends observable elsewhere, but in this case the provincial authority had the authority to make it happen.
Hence, needs crying out for resources in mental health and chronic care may have been neglected in favour of (too many) knee and hip surgeries and cataract removals (VIHA, 2008).
Dubai The tragedy is yet to sink in for Dubai-based Santhosh Rai, who lost his wife Reshma, son Naland, 10, and eight-month-old daughter Viha in the Air India Express plane crash last week.
Reshma Santhosh Rai, 40, was travelling home to Mangalore on vacation with her children, Naland, nine years, and Viha, nine months.
In November 2008, women's and children's health experts working with the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) and the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health (BCCEWH) planned a workshop on Trauma-Informed Addictions and Mental Health Practice, designed to bring together service providers interested in applying "trauma-informed" and trauma-specific approaches in their work with clients with substance use, mental health and related health and social concerns.
Christensen F 2005 Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) in house perioperative nursing program Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal 23 (4) 6--13
department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) has taken over the Virgin Islands Housing Authority (VIHA), administratively and physically; designated a receiver to supervise the action; and sent a team of experts to the territory to implement needed changes, reports Caribbean Business (Sept.