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VII7 (Roman numeral)
VIIVehicle Infrastructure Integration
VIIViscosity Index Improver
VIIVentures International, Inc. (Vienna, VA)
VIIVaccine Independence Initiative (UN, WHO)
VIIVisible Imaging Investigations
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Under his leadership, and with the support of the Mark VII team, I'm confident North America will play an important role in WashTec's growth strategy.
The company has received an order for 81 Orion VII diesel transit buses from Suffolk County Transit, one Orion VII diesel and three Orion VII diesel-electric hybrid buses from Ulster County Area Transit (UCAT), and four Orion VII diesel transit buses and two Orion VII hybrid transit buses from Dutchess County Bus System.
8) In this case, the Supreme Court held that same-sex harassment also is covered by Title VII when it is established that the offensive conduct was directed at the victim because of the person's sex.
Since one of the major components of VII is the roadway itself, if follows that those entities entrusted with its efficiency and upkeep are involved in VII research.
Although Habel draws on the work of many scholars, her point of departure is Richard Krautheimer's The Rome of Alexander VII, 1655-1667 (1985).
Another strong backer of the Act, Senator Clifford Case of New Jersey, gave an even firmer guarantee: "There is no requirement in Title VII that an employer maintain a racial balance in his workforce.
Super Jazz VII is the major fund-raiser of the year supporting Valencia's Concert Band.
14) Thus, the Court believed that the key focus should be on the remedies available for discrimination actions brought under Title VII.
People with high levels of fibrinogen and activated factor VII have a higher risk of heart attacks.
Through the use of this year's Title VII Part B dollars for the Massachusetts General State Agency, the council hired a consultant to assist in developing the attachments and other portions of the plan.
1992) that back pay awards to settle employment discrimination claims under title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act (before its amendment by Congress in 1991) are not excludable under section 104(a)(2).