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VII7 (Roman numeral)
VIIVehicle Infrastructure Integration
VIIViscosity Index Improver
VIIVentures International, Inc. (Vienna, VA)
VIIVaccine Independence Initiative (UN, WHO)
VIIVisible Imaging Investigations
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Beyond the source's pedigree, there's been lots of speculation about Final Fantasy VII Remake eventually coming to Nintendo Switch.
But Henry VII remains obscure, eclipsed by the monarch he deposed, Richard III, and by the glamour and notoriety of his wifekilling son, Henry VIII, and the charisma of his granddaughter, Elizabeth I.
The company has received an order for 81 Orion VII diesel transit buses from Suffolk County Transit, one Orion VII diesel and three Orion VII diesel-electric hybrid buses from Ulster County Area Transit (UCAT), and four Orion VII diesel transit buses and two Orion VII hybrid transit buses from Dutchess County Bus System.
Durante toda su vida, el paciente ha requerido soporte con multiples transfusiones de globulos rojos, plasma fresco y factor VII, por multiples sangrados, incluyendo hemartrosis de rodillas, hemorragia de vias digestivas altas y bajas, epistaxis recurrentes graves, hematuria macroscopica, equimosis y hematomas multiples en las extremidades.
8) In this case, the Supreme Court held that same-sex harassment also is covered by Title VII when it is established that the offensive conduct was directed at the victim because of the person's sex.
These concepts were among those reviewed for the BEIR VII report but were not incorporated into the risk estimates.
Since one of the major components of VII is the roadway itself, if follows that those entities entrusted with its efficiency and upkeep are involved in VII research.
In her ambitious and thorough study of urban planning in Rome under Pope Alexander VII Chigi (1655-67), Dorothy Metzger Habel traces the evolution of six papal building projects from conception to fruition (or abandonment), revealing a unity between them that is not apparent in general-audience books on the subject.
Nothing to worry about, said Humphrey to a questioning colleague: "[If] the Senator can find in Title VII .
In addition to Valencia High, local jazz bands participating in Super Jazz VII include Hart High, Canyon High, La Mesa Junior High and Sierra Vista Junior High.
Although two lower courts had rejected Rene's complaint--saying the same--sex sexual harassment he alleges is not a violation of federal Title VII guidelines--the 11-judge panel ruled on September 24 that Rene could sue under Title VII, which prohibits discrimination motivated by race, national origin, religion, and sex.