VIICFactor VII Coagulant
VIICVehicle Infrastructure Integration Consortium
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It has been shown that the immature enzyme incorporates subunits Vb, VIc, and VIIa or VIIb, VIIc, and VIII, before subsequent incorporation of VIa, VIb, and whichever of VIIa or VIIb that remains [94, 126].
He thoughtfully includes supplemental information such as a detailed cutaway diagram of a Type VIIC U-boat and a comparison chart of naval officer ranks in the American, British, and German navies of World War II.
(OTCBB: VIIC), a developer of zero emission electric/hydrogen hybrid powered vehicles and turnkey hydrogen fuelling systems, is nominated for the LA Business Journal's - Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award.
Reduction of factor VII coagulant activity (VIIC) a risk factor for ischaemic heart disease by fixed warfarin: a double blind crossover study.
The students who got top three positions in Class VII include Mz Khurram VIIB (97.5%), M Khalid VIIC (93.5%) and M Faizan of VIIB (93.4%).
CR significantly reduced triacylglycerol (-31+/-15mg/dL) and factor VIIc (-10.7+/-2.3%).
Analysis of the excretion in human urine samples confirmed the presence of peak (VIIa), (VII), and (VIIb) and an additional small peak (VIIc).
Vision Industries Corporation (Vision) (OTCBB: VIIC), a company that provides hydrogen fuel cell/plug-in electric powered vehicles and turnkey hydrogen fuelling systems, is unveiling its zero emission plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell hybrid Tyrano truck at the 4th annual Santa Monica Alternative Energy and Transportation Expo scheduled to be held on October 2 and October 3, 2009.
(56) By way of illustration, the Commonwealth scheme under Part VIIC of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) provides that where a conviction is spent, the person can lawfully decline to disclose it and can deny that they were ever charged with, or convicted of, the offence even when under oath.
Existe una mayor cuenta leucocitaria, plaquetaria, mayores concentraciones de fibrinogeno, factor VIIc, factor IV y betatromboglobulina en estos pacientes.