VIIPVisualization, Imaging and Image Processing
VIIPVOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Innovation and Interoperability Program
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AT&T has designed VIIP to stimulate and foster the development, delivery and adoption of new applications, capabilities and devices to serve the needs of businesses and consumers utilizing AT&T's vast VoIP portfolio.
Cathy Martine, AT&T senior vice president for Internet Telephony, said, "We're happy to have NETGEAR participate in VIIP as their brand is linked in the minds of consumers with products that are reliable and easy to use.
We are very pleased that an industry telecommunications leader like AT&T selected D-Link as a charter member of its VIIP," said Steven Joe, President and CEO of D-Link North America.
NETGEAR is excited to work with AT&T as a charter member of the VIIP to bring one of the decade's most exciting new technologies, Voice over IP, to customers," said Patrick Lo, Chairman and CEO, NETGEAR.
VIIP will travel to the location of your prospective investment and make a complete and investigative studio quality video inspection in your behalf.