VIISVirginia Immunization Information System (Virginia Department of Health; Richmond, VA)
VIISVirgin Islands National Park (US National Park Service)
VIISVirtual Infrastructure Implementation Strategy
VIISVision Imaging Internet Services (Yucaipa, CA)
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In their brief, the coalition of 22 attorneys general argues that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination against transgender people or on the basis of sexual orientation.
In previous elections, the printing of the VIIS was done in the various provinces.
SKL, Teil C VII, Uberlegungen des Chefs der SKL und Niederschriften uber Vortrage und Besprechungen beim Fuhrer, Januar 1941-Dezember 1941, RM 7/182, Bundesarchiv-Militarchiv, Freiburg im Breisgau [hereafter BA-MA], p.
These soils have the quality under 40 points, belonging to quality class VII or to the soils of poor quality.
Kala aitas sailitada ka talvekulm, koige lihtsam viis kalakulmutamiseks oli laotada kalad parast puuki jaale ja lasta Ara kulmuda.
In this paper, HFRR was adopted to check the friction reduction properties of the selected VIIs, as a supplementary of MTM test.
/ De quo et in alio loco idem poeta decantai / Ut quondam Creta fertur labyrinthus in alta: / Parietibus textum caecis iter, ancipitemque / Mille viis habuisse dolum, qua signa sequendi / Falleret indeprensus, et irremeabilis error."
Homocysteine, paraoxonase-1 and vascular endothelial dysfunction: Omnibus viis romam pervenitur.
Edwards, who as head coach led Wales Women to unprecedented success at last year's World Cup in France guiding his side to eighth position, will oversee both the XVs and VIIs programme where he will be assisted by Richie Pugh.
The COA also found that the Comelec spent P72.3 million for the printing of the voters information and instruction sheet (VIIS), which was used during the 2013 midterm elections, without a public bidding.