VIITVertical Intra Industry Trade
VIITVishwakarma Institute of Technology (Pune, India)
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Thus the aim of the present study is to analyze IIT of India and the World and to dichotomize IIT into HIIT and VIIT to depict the trade pattern on the basis of product quality.
VIIT, on the other hand, is a bilateral phenomenon, of which some part may be the result of an existing production network.
After creation of a free trade area between the countries (tariffs reduced to 0), both countries expand volumes of their exports that give rise to VIIT.
In a two country framework, a fragmented production process (which occurs somewhere in the middle of the entire production process) in a foreign country requires inputs from the home country and the ability to ship outputs back to the home country (2), resulting in increased VIIT. (Markusen and Maskus 2002) provide a unified treatment of FDI and intra-industry trade with multinational firms.
Besides, the decomposition of IIT into HIIT and VIIT components highlights that the two-way trade in vertically differentiated goods (exchange of qualities) is more relevant than in horizontally differentiated commodities (exchange of varieties) (Landesmann, 1998; Aturupane et al., 1999).
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Kui kahe Otepaa leiu mundi maaramine on taiesti voimatu ja kolme puhul saab kindlaks teha uksnes nende oletatava nimivaartuse (lubische), on viit lubische't voimalik seostada siiski ka Tallinna rahapaja toodanguga (umbes 1390-1420).
The measurement of quality upgrading in trade is linked to the notion of IIT, the simultaneous occurrence of imports and exports of goods within the same industry, and, in particular, to vertical intra-industry trade (VIIT), the exchange of different qualities within narrowly defined product groups.
The principal objective of this paper is to examine whether disentangling total volume of intra-industry trade (IIT) into vertical IIT (VIIT) and horizontal IIT (HIIT) has empirical significance in investigating country-specific determinants of vertical and horizontal intra-industry trade.
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(11) Kirjandusteadusliku ja sotsioloogilise taustaga uurija Andrea Hammel, kasitledes lapsena Suurbritanniasse tulnud viie jutustaja elulugu, jouab taas jareldusele, et neid viit (elukaigu poolest ju erinevat) lugu uhendab voorkeelega toimetulemise teema, kus onnestumislood sisaldavad palju keelekimbatusanekdoote.
Abstract This study examines the features and determinants of intra-industry trade (IIT), horizontal IIT (HIIT) and vertical IIT (VIIT) between Portugal and the European Union in the period 1996-2002, using a static and a dynamic panel data analysis.