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Kumar Patel, President, VIKO Test Labs, said, "VIKO is proud to offer our customers state-of-the-art testing with Teradyne's test systems.
The name Vikos is Slavic for 'echo', and the foreboding cliffs either side of the gorge are aptly capable of bouncing sounds back-and-forth, the ensuing reverberation steadily disappearing upwards into the heavens.
Vikos has a wonderful new Goat Cheese Spread made from authentic Greek goat's milk cheese.
Vikos (1) 80 4 Treasure Cave 80 4 Athenos, except Mild (1) 90 4 Kraft Crumbles 90 4 Saladena-Mediterranean or 80 4.
The LifeNet Health relationship also enabled K2M to extend its existing VIKOS Cervical offering to include unicortical, tricortical, and iliac crest grafts, as well as add two new product lines, VIKOS Void Fillers and VIKOS Shafts.
sto sta aft And after a trek to Vikos Gorge - at 5,280ft the deepest gorge in the world in proportion to its width, according to Guinness World Records - a stiff drink was just reward.
We found the BBC programmes of Simon Reeve's travels around Greece really interesting and would love to go hiking in the Vikos Gorge.
Jean-Jacques Abitbol at California Spine Group in San Diego, California, "The VIKOS Cervical Allograft System is an important addition to K2M's portfolio.
Konitsa and therefore areas of Florina - Kastoria and serves movements made for tourism / recreation to Zagorohoria and the National Park of Vikos - Aoou) to enter the city of Konitsa be improved by parts, to improve service levels and road user safety.
The delicate and delicious range of Torta de Aceite imported by Mount Vikos is an example of how well traditional European recipes can continue to delight 21st-century gourmands.
Vikos unveiled their latest find from the isle of Crete, a beautiful Halloumi with a touch of mint from a small, artisanal operation where all the cheeses are handmade.