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VILAVolunteers in Latin America (children's rights group)
VILAVirgin Islands Library Association
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Contractor address : 5000-781 Vilarinho da SamardEu Vila Real
Mr Lonsdale said that |the limited information he was able to get from home showed six people con-firmed dead, and 30 injured and taken to hospital on Port Vila after the category 5 typhoon smashed across the Vanuatu archipelago.
I live in Port Vila, which is on the island of Efate, and we've heard that there's about 70 people injured and six people missing at sea.
Maggie Crawford, who runs a scuba diving centre in Port Vila, told how her home was damaged.
These islands have much less infrastructure than the capital of Port Vila and are extremely remote and hard to reach in the best of times," Dr Szoke said.
Vila was ordered to pay 369,000 euros (479,700 dollars) in damages to the families of his victims.
The Vila label lets stylish girls dress to impress'
Vila was raised at the zoo's nursery and brought to the safari park in 1975.
Vila, 38, will succeed Guido Winkelman who leaves the post with effect from June 2011.
A area da vila rural do Lageado esta localizada na comunidade de Lageado do Cacador, no distrito de Lageado dos Vieiras, em uma area total de 20,05 ha, distante 40 km da cidade de Rio Negro e a 0,5 km do Distrito Lageado dos Vieiras.
Vila describes the current state of the construction industry, and he provides advice on how to increase the number of talented workers in it.