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Deeper and more medial to the vILF, the lingula-amygdaloid (Li-Am) bundle was exposed.
For instance, face hallucinations and illusions characterized by distorted facial features (prosopometamorphopsia) are likely to relate to a region specialized for face features on the lateral convexity of the occipital lobe (occipital face area, subserved by the dILF) while hallucinations of normal faces or facial intermetamorphosis (a change in the visually perceived identity of a face) are likely to relate to activity within an area specialized for faces on the ventral occipitotemporal surface (fusiform face area, subserved by the vILF) [55].
However, if the seizure spreads to the mesial temporal lobe such as the parahippocampal gyrus (PHG), automatisms and impaired awareness may occur [8, 38] and according to the white matter architecture of this area the vILF may be responsible for this semiology.