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VILLvenous insufficiency of the lower limbs
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I vill not try it--vy, I might kill myself already.
Perhaps you vill give me someting to eat den--I haf had noffing since yesterday morning, und I haf vorked myself near to death here.
VENrt marknadsteam pEN Jackpotjoy vill aven passa pEN att onska Irene ett riktigt stort grattis", sager Bjorn Lahti, marknadschef.
Vill said the burglars filled the car with stolen goods before leaving the scene of the crime.
Mbro B 18 Borough Park C 13 (2-0), Nunthorpe 22 JackHatfield B 8 (2-0), Park Erimus 21 Cochranes C 9(2-0), Guis Priory B 16 Cochranes B 14 (2-0), SmithsDock C 25, Zetland Park 12 (2-0), Smiths Dock D 6Thornaby Vill D24 (0-2), Thornaby B 16 Thornaby Vill C 14 (2-0).
My nets may be unauthorised, and my decoys not his'n' Vot odds, ven those decoys vill draw, those nets the birds imprison?
The Christopher Street piers in the Vill where Sakia hung out have now been converted into a park.
As such, I am convinced Volkswagen board meetings start like this: 'Zis morning, ve vill talk about new suspension for Passat estate and zen ve vill invade Russia
Om solen vill is first and foremost a sociopsychological novel, and the only dramatic incident in the story is the murder of a visiting German professor, which von Born has borrowed from a real event.
Unt I haff already developed a new theory, vot I sink vill really make ze big-time.
Vill I'm sure there are thousands of Holte End regulars who would love to copy the Wigan fan who rang 606 after last season's FA Cup final to say that watching his team lift the trophy at Wembley was the greatest day of his life.
Prosecutor David Vill said Karavsev was on probation for a prior drunken driving conviction when he drove his Chevy Astro van south in a northbound freeway lane about 5:30 a.