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VILTVirtual Instructor Led Training (online education)
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Transporting samples of the comet, known as Wild 2 (pronounced vilt 2), remains Stardust's primary mission, but planetary scientists this week were marveling at the images radioed by the craft from its encounter with the 5-kilometer-diameter comet on Jan.
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The accreditation of this virtual, instructor-led training (VILT) program enables EMS providers in the state of Virginia to prepare for critical care credential exams or earn the refresher hours needed to maintain these credentials.
Innstilling fra et utvalg nedsatt av Direktoratet for Vilt og Ferskvannsfisk.
The platform is designed to meet the specific needs of an agency: those that want to deliver their own courses with their own instructors can do so virtually, and those that want to use Medic-CE's library of over 250 hours of VILT programs and self-paced courses have the tools they need as well.