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VIMVi Improved
VIMInternational Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in Metrology
VIMVendor-Independent Messaging
VIMVoyager Interstellar Mission
VIMVentral Intermediate Nucleus
VIMVisual Editor iMproved (Linux text editor)
VIMVideo Input Module
VIMVictory Is Mine
VIMVelocity Interface Mezzanine
VIMVery Important Member (web forums)
VIMVirtual Infrastructure Management
VIMVacuum Induction Melted
VIMVery Important Meeting
VIMVehicle Inspection and Maintenance (emissions regulation)
VIMVirtual Item Manager
VIMVortex Induced Motion (offshore platform phenomena)
VIMVandals in Motion (gaming clan)
VIMVendor Information Management
VIMVehicule D'intervention Medicalise (French)
VIMVibration Isolation Module
VIMVenture In Mission
VIMVirtual Infinite Memory
VIMVery High Speed Integrated Circuit Insertion Module
VIMVirtual Interconnected Management
VIMVector IMaging
VIMVeal Issues Management (Meshoppen, PA)
VIMVertical Industry Manager
VIMVisual Inspection Module
VIMVeterinary Internal Medicine (various locations)
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aeruginosa resistente a los carbapenemicos del hospital estudiado son de tipo VIM.
Future use cases for VIM technology will be situations where a physical object or environment needs to be collaboratively viewed.
And insofar as he undertook only a few jus ad vim acts, the ethical concerns they raised, while duly noted by a few scholars, remained peripheral to broader just war debates.
8220;Striving for excellence and innovation in everything, Visual Interactive Media have very precise criteria for our partners,” comments Mazen Zein, VIM Director of Communication, “VOLT Media perfectly matches all of them, especially when it comes to the uncompromising back-up to its clients in terms of installations, deployment and after-sales support,” he highlighted.
This study was conducted to test the dynamic range, analytical sensitivity, and specificity of the QuARTS reaction using a duplex assay of methylated and unmethylated VIM assays as an example.
Las metalo [beta]-lactamasas mas frecuentemente encontradas en Latinoamerica son las pertenecientes a la subclase BI tipo VIM [5, 6].
While most calibration managers (especially those attuned to international standards) are very familiar with the VIM definition of calibration, many general laboratorians and process engineers have been trained to believe that a calibration requires adjustment of the measuring device.
Thus, he established the VIM clinic to provide quality primary health and dental care at no charge to the patients, based solely on the charitable contributions of time and money by the island's businesses, residents, and retired medical providers.
It has been well established that implantation of VIM DBS leads to a reduction in the level of confounding tremor, (5,6) however the extent to which VIM DBS leads to more efficient finger dexterity is less clear.
The company will initially bring back the original Vim scouring powder in its cylindrical 500g pack.
Vim scouring powder is set to return to UK shops next year after being sold to Italian group Guaber.
According to Chris Castelluccio, general manager of the Rockford, Ill-based manufacturer, VIM is an "improved value" hydraulic valve package that contains new feature cavities, and components used in concert with conventional cartridge valves.