VIMAMarshal of Ayacucho Institutional Vanguard (Bolivia)
VIMAVisually Impaired Musicians Association (England, UK)
VIMAVolatile Induction/Maintenance Anaesthesia
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He has developed and managed sales teams in positions at VIMA Technologies, Inc.
IntelliReach has strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Sophos, VIMA Technologies, Global Certs, and iLumin.
VIMA Technologies' release of ImageBeagle and ImageBeagle Lite has filled a void in the content filtering market where web filtering and blocking, time-limiting and monitoring controls, and pre-selected content services fall short.
The number of porn sites published daily and the increase of unsolicited e-mails containing pornographic images has changed the way families and companies view the Internet," said Michael Crandell, CEO and President of VIMA Technologies.