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VINVehicle Identification Number
VINVendor Information Network
VINVulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia
VinInput Voltage
VINVeterinary Information Network
VINVintage (wine)
VINVolunteers in Northampton (Massachusetts schools)
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VIN, usual type is the most common intraepithelial lesion and is historically referred to as classic VIN or Bowen's disease.
Wada et al (12) localized hTERT protein in multifocal VIN and reported on hTERT nuclear staining in HG-VIN correlating with squamous maturation and the degree of nuclear atypia; normal mucosa revealed faint nuclear staining of parabasal cells and lower intermediate layer squamous cells.
Many of the truly cutting edge technologies we are able to provide through VIN are not even available to the world's largest businesses.
To make sure there's no need to rip things out later, each item is tested before installation and these results are tracked by the van's VIN number.
VIN III most commonly occurs on the fourchette and the inner surfaces of the labia minora and majora.
Christopher Hughes said he and his associates at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia tend to see patients every 3 months for the first 12 months after treatment for VIN III.
IQMS developed the VIN Generator application specifically to meet the growing needs of its customer base in the automotive industry.
Valuation data available by new-vehicle VIN includes invoice, manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) and Fair Purchase Price.
These include visible VIN plates, glass etching and the marking of components with microdots, labels or ink or by stamping, engraving or chemical processes.
6) is the release of a new VIN bar code scanner that VIN Viper built from the ground up.