VIN IVulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia Grade I (also seen as VIN 1)
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(4) Those are too many to cite here, but some instances are: (Vin I 84-85; Horner, vol.
In addition to this, the VIN is recorded on the car's registration card, and may also be shown on the owner's insurance papers.
The goal of surgical excision for VIN is both diagnostic and therapeutic.
If California was able to verify with New York that the New York title being presented was valid or check nationwide to make sure the VIN is not already registered in another state, then the thieves would have a harder time getting these vehicles into the system.
Vin is often referred to as the biggest unknown on the music scene, which is why in 1999 he released a CD called Word of Mouth.
Spendrups Vin is taking over the distribution of the portfolio from V&S Sweden.
Merchant du Vin is now importing Westmalle Trappist Tripel in a silk-screened 750ml bottle.
Vin is to appear in the life story of legendary heavyweight boxer Joe Louis, which Spike has written and will also direct.
NOVATO, Calif.-Vacu Vin is trying to take the fear of wine away from American consumers.
Vin is survived by his wife of 36 years, Jeannette (Rackauskas) Russell of Springfield and they raised a foster son, Gary Lamy, Jr.
Spendrups Vin is also to utilise an option to begin the acquisition of Akesson Vin by an initial purchase of 9% of the share capital.