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VINAVaishnava Internet News Agency (World Vaisnava Association)
VINAVietnam Nation
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Roque said La Vina demanded a budget of P26 million to fund his "social media" project with him as TV host; and a budget of P1.
Roque added La Vina also embarked on a vilification campaign against four SSS executives who crossed his path, noting that there was a news conference where he spoke against these executives.
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Duterte did not renew the term of office of La Vina because of four reasons.
La Vina had accused four SSS officials of serious dishonesty and grave misconduct for using the pension fund's stockbrokers to trade stocks for their personal accounts and make a profit.
Doosan Vina will use its domestic plant in Quang Ngai to carry out the fabrication job.
V2 Wine said it is importing the Pionero, Reserva and Gran Reserva tiers of The Vina Morande portfolio.
Technical experts from Huntsman Textile Effects will carry out a full operational audit at the Panko Vina facility and recommend ways for the mill to improve productivity and profitability.
During her 12 years in banking and four years work-work ing for a firm of independent financial advisers, Vina gained experience of wills, probate and inheritance tax planning.
Bodegas Chivite, which bought Vina Salceda in 1999, is in need of cash to face its debt obligations with local lenders, Cinco Dias said.
It's all part of a collection of old decorations Vina has including two from the 1950s.
The ceremony was hosted by Vina Mazda and guests of honor included representatives of the Vietnamese government and Seita Kanai, Mazda's director and executive vice president (Assistant to President; Oversight of Technical Domain and Quality; In charge of promoting Monotsukuri Innovation and R&D Liaison Office).
said Monday it, together with two other Japanese companies, will wholly acquire Vietnam-based spiral steel pipe maker Jeong An Vina Co.