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VINCAVienna Institute for Nature Conservation and Analyses (Austria)
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You get the evergreen of vinca and pachysandra but in spring the bulbs pop through.
The taxanes and vinca alkaloids target a structural component of the cytoskeleton known as the microtubule.
2013: 1032) suggest the piece of foil was used for "wrapping a ceramic vessel"; we find this interpretation odd and decontextualised as there are no analogies for a similar practice in the history of research on the Vinca culture or neighbouring contemporaneous culture groups.
Vinca rosea was prepared by adding a proportion of 1 g (approx.
One of the first companies to popularize storage networking was Vinca Corporation, starting in 1992.
He set it in a circular patch of vining vinca in the only shade left in the sideyard.
Competitive Mechanisms of Vinca minor, an Invasive Groundcover, in a Michigan Beech-Maple Forest.
Rising through the blue Grown pansies and Vinca minor are tulips in shades of orange ('Lightning Sun' and 'Temple of Beauty') and purple ('Gum Laude').
3m in one-time merger charges, related to Legato's acquisition of Vinca Corp during the quarter.
And yet, Agim Vinca has managed, between the poles of liberalism and dogmatism, to string together enough elements to form a virtual pattern of alternative thought, including elements of incipient dissent, from 1945 to the end of the dictatorship in 1991.
Our results to date have been highly rewarding and our customers are our greatest advocates" said David Vinca, eSpark's Founder and CEO.
Sljivar and Boric (above) challenge the validity of the archaeological context of the tin bronze foil found at the Vinca culture site of Plocnik and, therefore, its broader interpretation.