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VINCEVendor Independent Network Control Entity
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'Affinities,' explained Mr Vince over his shoulder.
Mr Vince lowered Ruth gently into a chair and, holding her hand, inspected the fermenting old gentleman gravely.
'My personal likes and dislikes,' he said, 'have nothing to do with the matter, Mr Vince. They are beside the point.
'Mr Vince, my daughter is employed at the mont-de-piete, and was a witness to all that took place this afternoon.'
He gripped Mr Vince's hand with every evidence of esteem, and after that he did what was certainly the best thing, by passing gently from the room.
'That settles it,' said Mr Vince. 'It's hard on the children of Great Britain, but say no more.
I'm afraid it's going to be shockingly dull for you,' said Mr Vince, regretfully.
This, she saw now, was what had prejudiced her against George Vince. She had assumed that he was rich.
He had made up his mind tonight to speak seriously to Ruth on the subject of her unsatisfactory behaviour to Mr Vince. The more he saw of that young man the more positive was he that this was the human gold-mine for which he had been searching all these weary years.
'What makes you think Mr Vince is rich, father?' she asked.
The subject of Mr Vince's opulence had not entered into his discourse.
The door opened and Jeanne, the maid-of-all-work, announced Mr Vince.