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VINESVirtual Networking Software
VINESVirtual Integrated Network Service
VINESVirtual Networking System
VINESVirtual Network Software (Banyan)
VINESVirtual Networking System (Banyan)
VINESVolunteers In Nature Education
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They saw a mass of tough green vines all matted together and writhing and twisting around like a nest of great snakes.
At its base was a line of well-tended shrubs and at some distance towards its eastern extremity it was vine covered to the top.
He must, therefore, depend entirely upon his cunning and his speed, and upon the chance that the vine would sustain his weight.
In Africa, some forest workers used 2,4,5-T butyl ester until the use of herbicides on vines was banned in the 1980s (Parren & Bongers, 2005).
Old photographs from the sites indicate there may have been fewer vines historically.
Vines subsequently retired from his law firm and started trading securities on Jan.
Before dawn lit the frigid Leona Valley Winery on Monday, the Reynoldses, their winemaker and vineyard manager -- swaddled in long underwear, parkas, sweaters, hats, snow boots and gloves -- gingerly snipped frozen grape clusters from four rows of dormant leafless vines.
The poison ivy vines thrived with about 50 percent extra carbon dioxide, showing extra photosynthesis and more-efficient water use.
Creating a vine wreath base can be a fun and simple way to bridge the seasons.
According to the Department of Environmental Services in Arlington, Virginia, ivy should be removed from any and all trees by cutting the vines at ground level and again several feet up any affected trunks.
Although most vines ultimately became hybrids, growers invoked an allied notion of uniqueness--the "terroir," or qualities of soil, climate, and cultivation associated with a particular region.
Brouse started the organization using only his pension money but late last year called Vines to ask for help funding and publicizing his project.