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Of particular interest are findings on Pierre de Vingle, which go a long way in emphasizing the diversity and dissonance of the earliest expressions of the spirit of church reform, and recent research on censure in Geneva, which adds nuance to his discussion of the latter part of the sixteenth century.
This theme of access to texts and reading begs the question of the reader's judgment, which William Kemp takes up in "L'Epigraphe Lisez et puis jugez: Le libre examen dans la Reforme francaise avant 1540." Kemp explores its daring ramifications by connecting it to the texts published by Pierre de Vingle and, in particular, those of Guillaume Farel, before comparing them to texts printed in Paris, Basel, Strasbourg, and Antwerp.
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1491), Trepperel, de Vingle and Le Noir presented paratexts which were contrary to the author's intentions.
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