VINITIVserossiisky Institut Nauchnoi I Tekhnicheskoi Informatsii (Russian: Scientific and Technical Information Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences; Moscow, Russia)
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Investigation of the Process of Sulphur and Chlorine Capture in Fluidized Bed at Preliminary Gasification of the Estonian Oil Shale : Final report (VINITI No.
Law firm SYDNEY MITCHELL has appointed Mauro Viniti to head its city office's family law department.
VINITI in Moscow and ZIC in Berlin have produced SPERSI, which also has a large number of chemical structures including unique records.
Kuznetsov at VINITI, the All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information in Moscow.
Moscow: All-Union Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI).
Rustem Seiful-Mulukov, a former geology professor who worked for many years in the information sector of the former Soviet Union at VINITI and who has more than 60 publications to his name.